Masanori Kitaro (正則 キタロ Masanori Kitaro) is the current Prime Minister of the Aoyaman Kingdom. A member of the Liberal Labour Party, Kitaro is a recognized as an outspoken liberal.


Kitaro is recognized in Aoyama as a flamboyant and controversial figure. He's considered as one of the most unpredictable of the lot and as a result been subject to satirists.


Kitaro has been criticized for his increasingly authoritarian leadership. Pundits and commentators cite his policies has shot Aoyama's rank as a "free" nation by Freedom House. In 2008, Freedom House demoted Aoyama's freedom status as "partly free", placing it next to countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, and Colombia. In 2009, the Kitaro regime established a propaganda division for the state external broadcaster AVN . This move brought outrage from the general public as it's viewed as a "state brainwashing tool". The Prime Minister stresses the network is designed as an overseas anti-government outreach network aimed towards viewers in oppressive countries, including Aoyama's own protectorates such as Nambayan. He stated the move was in collaboration with the Aoyaman Royal Military to fund a network designed to bypass state censorship.

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